Let's roll on our own
Let's eliminate our dependency on overseas sources
of fuel and reduce our impact on the environment.

*Biodiesel results in 78% less CO2 than petroleum diesel.

*Biodiesel yields 3.5 units of energy per unit of energy used in production (petroleum diesel and gasoline <1 unit, ethanol ~1.35 units).

*Biodiesel requires no modifications to diesel vehicles or filling stations to use.

*Biodiesel yields mileage nearly equivalent to petroleum diesel and reduces maintenance costs.

*Biodiesel does NOT contribute to the rising price of food.
Producers cannot make $4/gallon diesel from $5/gallon food oil

The future of biodiesel is in non-food feedstocks such as algae and second use grease. Yields on these feedstocks could ELIMINATE the need for overseas produced fuel.

Don't let propaganda kill the industry. Big oil gets $ billions in subsidies every year.

Check out www.biodiesel.org to get the facts.

Check out www.biotrucker.com to find out where to get biodiesel fuel.

Check here or www.thepoweralternative.com for Michigan made biodiesel
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